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The Different Gutter Cover Options for Your Home

The Different Gutter Cover Options for Your Home

Cleaning your gutters can be a pain. You waste an entire afternoon up on a ladder picking out leaves, twigs and who knows what else from your gutters. Even though there is no doubt you would rather do anything else, you climb that ladder every few months, knowing if you don't, it can lead to leaks and costly repairs. 

However, preventing your gutters from becoming clogged by using gutter covers will help you avoid the need to clean them out. There are many gutter covers and guards you can choose, but not every type will be right for your home. Read on to learn about the various gutter guard options.

Types of Gutter Guards for Your Home

Below are five of the most common gutter guards available to prevent your gutters from clogging:

  • Screen Guards. Screens are inexpensive and easy to install yourself, even if you have little experience. This gutter guard is ideal for keeping larger twigs and leaves from blocking your home's gutters. Unfortunately, screen guards have large holes which can allow smaller debris to accumulate.   
  • Micro Mesh Guards. A micro mesh guard has much smaller holes than a standard screen guard. This option prevents all but the tiniest materials from getting into your gutters. However, materials tend to collect on the top of the mesh. Micro mesh guards are relatively expensive and need professional installation. 
  • Foam Guards. All you need to do to install this guard is to wedge blocks of foam into your existing gutters. Water drains through, but most solids just wash off the roof. Any debris remaining on top of the foam blocks needs manual removal. As a note, some homeowners report that weeds can use the foam guards as a medium to take root and grow. 

Screen Guards. Screens are inexpensive and easy to install yourself, even if you have little experience. This gutter guard is great for keeping larger twigs and leafs from blocking your home's gutters.

  • Brush Guards. This guard is similar to foam guards, but instead, they use what looks like a giant steel pipe cleaner. The brush guard permits water to pass through but keeps leaves from blocking drainage. Brush guards are easy to install and inexpensive but still need occasional cleaning. 
  • Surface Tension Guards. These types of guards, also known as Reverse Curve guards, work well, but require a professional to install. That means surface tension guards are one of the more expensive than other options you can choose but are well worth the cost considering the time you'll save in maintenance. 

Are you still looking for other options? At Wayne Overhead Door Sales & Home Improvements, we offer residents assistance with all of their home improvement needs. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about our featured product: Gutter Helmet®. Call us at 937-885-4545 to speak with a customer service specialist and learn more!