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How Helmet Heat® Reduces Ice Damming

How Helmet Heat® Reduces Ice Damming

When the winter comes to Dayton, OH and the surrounding area, it may look beautiful to some, but in reality, the freezing temperatures, melting snow and unclean gutters can cause significant damages. From a rotten roof to water damage and mold, without Helmet Heat to reduce the ice dams, the result can cause extremely expensive repairs. Here are a few tips to help you protect your home against the heavy winter snow melts and freezing temperatures.

What Exactly are Ice Dams?

If you have ever wondered why there are icicles that form on your home and not your neighbors, the cause is ice damming. Ice dams are created when you have a clogged gutter, poor attic ventilation, insufficient attic insulation or a poorly constructed gutter system that does not prevent the snow from freezing and the water flowing. The basic concept of ice damming occurs when:

  • The snow on the roof melts and runs down to the edge of the roof
  • Once the water reaches the gutters and the eaves, the water freezes
  • When the water freezes, ice dams begin to form
  • Gutters that are full can cause ice dams to form even quicker
  • After the dam is in place, it continues to get bigger until the temperature rises above freezing
  • The bigger the ice dams are, the more damages can occur to your home

Helmet Heat

How Helmet Heat® Can Reduce the Risk of Ice Damming This Winter

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent or reduce ice dams is with Helmet Heat, which melts the snow before it has a chance to get to the edge of your roof and create ice dams. Helmet Heat has a heating element that is built into the system; the heating element acts as a defense system against ice. Snowmelt that runs down your roof will touch the heated surface rather than a frozen one. The heat prevents the water from turning into ice and instead allows it to run through your gutters and out the downspouts instead of freezing along the roof edge.

Along with installing Helmet Heat, it is essential that you thoroughly clean the gutters to remove all leaves, dirt and debris that may prevent the melting snow from flowing. It is also important to check the attic insulation as well. A lack of attic insulation can contribute to the formation of ice dams. It is highly recommended that you contact a company that is experienced in roofing, insulation and gutter systems.

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