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Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener in 2018?

Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener in 2018?

Your garage door is one of the largest mechanical moving features of your home, but without the garage door opener, your garage door may not be operable. You have probably had your opener for several years and like many other homeowners, it never really crossed your mind to replace it. However, even though openers are fairly simply mechanisms with a long lifespan, there are a variety of good reasons to consider replacing it. Here are a few of the main reasons why you may want to consider replacing your current garage door opener.

Improved Security

Older garage doors and garage door openers were especially vulnerable to thieves. Older openers are easy to “hack” because they use a fixed code. Another problem with older doors and openers is that they can often be opened and closed each time your neighbor uses the controller for their garage door. New garage doors and garage door openers operate on a rolling-code, which makes it virtually impossible for burglars to replicate your passcode and break-in; ultimately increasing the safety and security of your home.

Less Noise

Older garage door openers relied on a chain drive to open and close the door, which creates a lot of noise while you are opening and closing the door. By switching to a new, belt-driven opener, you will notice a significant decrease in the amount of noise your door makes. Even if you opt for a newer model chain drive, it will be quieter than the older models.

Improved Safety

Since 1993, openers have been equipped with a safety reversing mechanism, which provides you peace of mind in knowing that your children and pets will be safe when they are near the garage door. The safety reversal feature has sensors that are designed to capture if an object has gone under the door while it is closing. If an object is detected, the door will immediately stop and then reverse.

Older door openers relied on a chain drive to open and close the door which creates a lot of noise.

A Battery Backup System

One of the most frustrating things about an older garage door opener is the inability to operate the opener if the power goes out. Modern garage door openers are available with a battery backup system which will automatically kick in when your power goes out. This means you will no longer be prevented from entering or leaving your garage when you lose electricity.

Modern garage door openers include a wide range of improved functionality, such as the use of a keypad, which makes it no longer necessary to carry an extra key with you. Some garage door openers are also available with fingerprint detection for even more ease and security. If your garage door opener is original to the garage and it is older than 1993, it is highly recommended that you contact a local garage door company to discuss the benefits and safety measures that come with a new garage door opener.

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